Capitol Murder (2012)

Private investigator Dana Cutler and attorney Brad Miller have overcome more than a few daunting
challenges and powerful enemies to see justice done. Now wicked threats old and new are about to bring
them together once again. Convicted serial killer Clarence Little has escaped from death row in Oregon,
and Brad receives threatening messages in D.C., where he is working for Senator Jack Carson, a highranking member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. A dead body, murdered according to

Little’s M.O., is found in the senator’s Georgetown home, and Carson has disappeared. While Dana is in
Oregon digging into Carson’s shady background, a terrorist cell is poised to destroy a packed
professional football stadium in one of the biggest attacks on American soil. As the senator’s personal life
begins to dovetail with the cell’s evil plan, Brad and Dana will risk it all again to uncover the truth and save
their country.

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