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Stone City by Mitchell Smith


I am asked frequently about my favorite books. "Stone City" is the best thriller I have ever read. Have you ever wondered how you would handle prison? "Stone City" answers that question in the context of a brilliant novel. The main character is a college professor who is convicted of a crime and sent to the worst prison in the state, where a serial killer is murdering the most evil prisoners. For various reasons, the professor is given the task of discovering the killer's identity. "Stone City" has several incredible scenes that are worth the price of the book and a large number of fabulously drawn characters. The book is huge but I couldn't stop reading it. It also has several flaws, including an ending that I really didn't like. But, with all the flaws, it is still better than any other thriller I've ever read. One problem – the book may be out of print. If so, get it out of the library or find it in a used bookstore. You'll be glad you made the effort.

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