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A King's Ransom by James Grippando


I had heard of Jim, but had never read him, when HarperCollins asked me to introduce him at a Portland bookstore when he was on tour for Last to Die. I didn't want to introduce Jim if I didn't like his books so I read a few. This guy is good. After his appearance, I asked Jim what book of his I should read next. He told me that A King's Ransom was his favorite. It proved to be an excellent recommendation.

Our hero, Nick Rey, is a Miami attorney whose father is kidnapped and held for ransom by Colombian revolutionaries. The book jumps back and forth between his father's ordeal and Nick's efforts to save him. The plot - especially the legal maneuvering - is unusual and there are plenty of surprises. I liked this book because the plot is original and I don't want to give away any more of it. Enjoy.

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